Michael is a very good immigration lawyer he helped my husband with his process. He explained everything very well to us. Very honest with any questions we had. Always responded to phone calls our text messages was always available when we needed him. Thank you so much Michael for all you have done for our family. Sarah Sanchez


I would like to say big thanks to Michael Boston

Excellent Immigration lawyer he was very helpful , took time to explain all the questions I had . If I could stared it higher then 5 I Definitely would because of Michael I was able to stay with my family.


My experience with Boston Law Office was outstanding. Mike was with me every step of my immigration process, from my permanent residency to getting my citizenship. He is easy to talk to and very helpful answering any questions,. Very honest and upfront let you know where you stand.

Would recommend to anyone

Thank you Mike for all your help and advise!


Mr. Boston is the Best immigration Lawyer in the Twin Cities. My wife and I had a difficult case because we tried to do things ourselves. My wife was going to be deported to her country and would have to take our kids with her. Mr. Boston really puts up a fight for his clients like if we were part of his family. Thanks to him my family remains united here in the United States. My wife obtained residency and is now waiting to become a U.S. citizen.Mr. Boston speaks Spanish really well which is really helpful. He is good at explaining things as at every step of the way. I highly reccomend you seek Mr. Boston's help for immigration issues you might have.


Best Lawyer in Minnesota!!!!

After being denied by various lawyers that my case was not applicable he was the only one who was able to make it work!

We are now residents!

Thank you Michael Boston!!!


Excellent lawyer,very honest and above all always willing to help in the questions we had .. always talks with honestly..thanks for helping us in our case ..You did a great job..


My experience with Mr. Boston and his Law Office can be summarized in the following:

1- I found his name in the Yellow Pages after trying other offices with famous names and high fees. When I read about his free initial consultation I called him right away. I scheduled an appointment and meet him few days later. He was kind enough to give me the right advice to initiate my case. Offering a free consultation is a great feature because it helps the client to have the right decision and allow him to take the right path. Many other lawyers do not offer a free consultation resulting in costing a person at least $ 200.00 or more without any benefit.

2- Professionalism at the highest level and great knowledge of the law are very obvious characteristics of Mr. Boston.

3- Perfectionism in preparing and filing. He pays attention to all details and considers all possible requirements even the most remote one. Therefore his filing does not leave a room for the immigration officials to demand more documents or other proofs. He also prepare his client to all possible questions and all possible situations. He takes the time to review the case with the client before the interview and go with him over all details.

4- Compassion is a very important trait in the good attorney heart and mind. Mr. Boston is very compassionate towards his client situation and shows concern about client's stability and the union of his family.

5- Dealing with Mr. Boston throughout my case has shown me that beside caring for his profession he sees it as a mission to help individuals and families and that is the line between any attorney and a great attorney.

6- Before dealing with Mr. Boston I had some bad experiences with other attorneys. In- spite of their well known names and high fees, they reached the conclusion that my case is not winnable. Mr. Boston won the case with hard work and persistence.

Mr. Boston is not just a great lawyer but also a great human. I will be always grateful for his help and guidance. I highly recommend him and his office to any one with immigration issues. With him a person is in good, kind, caring, reasonable and knowledgeable hands.


Boston law office has done a great job on my mothers case .. I am so pleased of the work he has done on my mothers case and my grandmothers case.. he is a respectful person and always look for the best way to help his clients.. I would recommend this law office to everyone!!!


I would recommend Boston law office to anyone that's looking for immigration lawyer he was very dedicated on helping my husband with his case!


The best!!!


Si pudiera dar mas que 5 estrellas lo haria el abogado Michael es para mi el mejor que conosco Muy profecional, Muy Honesto Muy Dedicado a Su Profecion, si estan en busca de un buen abogado no duden en contactarlo lo recomiendo 100%, desde que inicio mi caso de inmigracion siempre fue muy claro y atento en todos los detalles de cada paso , muchas gracias Abogado por haberme representado en mi caso, le estare totalmente y siempre agradecido ..GRACIAS ATTE JUAN CARLOS...


El abogado Michael Boston es un buen abogado porque te explica paso a paso todo el proceso de inmigración. Y te cobra según va avanzando el caso. Por eso les recomiendo al abogado Michael Boston a todas las personas que quieran arreglar sus papeles.


Muy buen abogado, amable,bilingüe, brinda confianza y te explica a la perfección desde la primera consulta como está tu caso y que obsiones tienes.


Michael Boston es un buen abogado !

Gracias a el mis hijas y yo tenemos la oportunidad de ser residentes en este pais! Varios abogados me dijieron que con mi caso no aplicaba a nada y fui recomendada a Michael Boston y la verdad fue un buen opción porque el es bilingue, buena persona y muy amable!

Muchas gracias por todo Michael Boston!


Responsabilidad, seriedad, excelente atención al cliente y la confianza de tener a alguien que te represente con el conocimiento necesario para cada caso. Responsibility, seriousness, excellent customer service and the confidence of having someone to represent you with the necessary knowledge for each case.

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